How to Step Up a GoDaddy Cloud Server

Godaddy has a secret Cloud Server product that is a great service for Web Developers. It can be used to build, test, clone web servers or web applications to your specifications. It is a completely open environment that is scalable with 99.9% uptime. I was offered the service through my GoDaddy Pro account and found it to be a fantastic cost-saving alternative to my virtual private server. So I switched and have been happy every since. However, as I have recommended the service to colleagues I discovered that while the service is available GoDaddy is not actively advertising or promoting the product. So here is the secret URL to the GoDaddy Pro Cloud Server {} and the instructions below explain how to get up and running with a new GoDaddy Cloud Server within minutes.




After navigating to the secret GoDaddy Pro Server Cloud URL scroll down the page to find the READY TO GET STARTED section and click the SETUP SERVER button.





At the next screen here you will CREATE NEW SERVER by filling in and selecting several server details.

NAME – This will be the hostname of the server and should be a one word. Ā The name choosenĀ should not be the domain name of any sites you may be hosting or web applications.

USERNAME – This should not be the GoDaddy Username.

PASSWORD – Should be 8-99 long; include a special character; include a number; include a lower case number; and include an upper case number.



CHOOSE AN IMAGE – This is where you select a base computing platform for your cloud server. Ā  I recommend Centos 7 is a good 64-bit image built to run on KVM virtual machines with essential packages pre-installed.





CHOOSE A DATA CENTER – It is best to choose a data center that is closest to the region you live in, to experience the fastest data connections.





CHOOSE A SIZE – Here is where you determine the amount of server memory and transfer size that you will need. Ā Your account will allow for multiple servers of varying sizes.






By default your new cloud server will be assigned a publicĀ IP address, however, if you need more than one IP address you would click ADD here to order more IP address at an additional monthly cost.

OTHER OPTIONS: Ā Automated Backups is automatically selected because it is currently a free service, it is recommended that this remain checked.

ADD A BOOT SCRIPT – Allows you to create and run startup scripts on your new server to perform automated tasks every time your server is booted up.


Click the FINISH BUTTON you are done!!!